Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reporting in soon....

Hey frens...
Sorry for no updates.
I'm tired after uploading photos to facebook.
Everything fine here in London.
I will upload sth soon...

Monday, September 21, 2009

A thank you note to ALL

Initially, I wanted to write this post after a nap. But you know, sometimes the urge to blog is so sudden that u cant suppress it, so strong that u feel so energetic to blog.

Why? U may ask.


It's 2 days to my journey to UK, which will open many new doors to the chapter of my life. My life will never be the same again, to the better or worse? Hopefully to the better. I will miss Kuching a lot... The food, the people, the air, the atmosphere, my house, my friends, my relatives, my parents, my comfy bedroom, my freedom to drive wherever i want... All these which makes me whole as a human being. (Wow a bit too over the description.)

So goodbye my friends. I will surely miss u all very much but it's a road, a journey, a voyage we all have to endure, a chapter of our story awaits to be written in colours.

Hey my besties (she uses this term haha), thanks for the gift..haha.. Well in UK, dont know we still got the chance to talk for hours thru phone. Maybe...But I dont think we can afford it though.. Never mind life always have a way to surprise us, in some way or another we will sure keep in contact. Hey gambateh!! Ur letter is so touching...sobz.(dry tears haha).. I will not be able to help u to fulfill ur dreams of studying abroad cos it's ur dream and u will fulfill it someday like what u say, ur name signifies the beautiful sunny day after a raging storm. Life will change it course to the better, the calmer seas with beautiful islands. U are a wonderful person so I've no doubt in u that u will succeed in ur life. Studying abroad is something most dream about but hey studying in ur comfort zone and in the warm arms of ur family is also not a bad choice. Who know one day u will continue ur study at overseas and be known as Dr / Professor Kakashi Chyn haha.... All the best...

N hey Alvin buddy. It's my greatest pleasure in knowing u. I dint know u r so "talkative" or better use the term "easy to talk to". I'm also a chatty person so do remember to find me for a chat whenever u need someone to talk to. I'm more than willing and honoured to listen to u. We are buddies and always will be. So dont forget me, someone u must invite for ur wedding, someone u must write to, someone u must update with ur life events, someone who will always be in ur life no matter how hard u try to get rid. Well u have no choice but to surrender to this long lasting friendship. Remember "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER EVER GIVE UP, NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP". Goodbye and hope to see u in London 2012..

Next to my relatives for their generosity. I have received blessings in all forms from u all, money wise, I have received more than RM1000. N a special thanks to my aunt who knitted me a scarf. It will keep me warm in the coldest day of winter as it's knitted with love and care. Thank you.

Friends in Kuching, goodbye. I will miss you all. You all have been the greatest chapter of life, one filled with utmost joy and unforgettable memories.

Die... I think my luggage will overweight because I have bring along all the love, care and wishes from friends and family from Malaysia. Hope they don't charge me too much at the airport for the excess luggage. haha.. But no matter how much I need to pay, I will still bring along them as they will be the fuel for my life in UK. THANK YOU and it's time to take a short nap..