Monday, March 22, 2010

A summary of my recent life

Lol...It's been a long time since I last post sth on this blog and lots has happened since then.

I have finished my exam and I manage to get a 1st class although the result was worse than expected. Maybe I might need to skip less lectures and finish my coursework earlier.

Other than that, I just been through my second kungfu grading. The 2nd grading was awesome as again I stayed throughout the whole grading, and able to watch higher level belt students sparring. It was exciting and breathtaking.

I performed for the first time in London although it just for a small event. But still, it feels really different, performing outside of Malaysia. After the performance, I feel that I still got much to improve, I still got a long way to my very own guzheng concert.

I fell sick for the past 2 days. It has been a terrible experience, gruesome I would say. I had fever, intense headache (like the brain is crushed by an invisible hand), cough, sore throat and also fatigue. But I think I'm recovering quite well after a few days of continuous sleep.

Easter holiday is just around the corner but I dont really anticipate the coming of the holiday. Everyone will be off for holiday and so by then, I will be alone in the hall. So what's my plan for Easter? I have no idea at all.