Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy fever

I know! I know..I bit too crazy about Grey's Anatomy...
But I just cant help it..Hehe..
Grey's Anatomy always make my day a great one!!

Funny funny quotes from Grey's (3)

Meredith: They're everywhere. All the time. Izzie's all perky and George does this thing where he's helpful and considerate. They share food, and they say things, and they move things, and they breathe. Ugh, they're like, happy.
Cristina: Kick them out.
Meredith: I can't kick them out, they just moved in. I asked them to move in.
Cristina: So what, you're just going to repress everything in some deep, dark, twisted place until one day you snap and you kill them?
Meredith: Yep.
Cristina: This is why we are friends.

Funny funny quotes from Grey's (2)

Meredith: [catching Alex and Lexie in bed] Izzie leaves and Mark gets a kid, and you two decide the best way to deal is to get drunk and mash your genitals together?
Alex: No freaking way you get to judge us or give relationship advice. Besides you were a total dirty mistress like two weeks ago.
Lexie: Are you calling me a dirty mistress?
Meredith: That was two years ago and his wife didn't have cancer!
Lexie: Because I've been with like six guys in my whole life. Alex and I, we've done it before. I was recycling, it was like good for the environment.
Alex: Izzie's gone. I was horny. She was there.
Lexie: Oh crap, I am a dirty mistress. Oh god, you're gonna tell Derek and then Derek's gonna tell Mark that I'm a whore.

Funny funny quotes from Grey's (1)

[Izzie knocks on George's bedroom door]
Izzie: George, can I come in? I made you some cookies and brownies and muffins, of course, I always make muffins.
Callie: [comes out from room] Thank God you're here. I can't take it anymore. Three times already tonight, and he's getting ready for a fourth.
Izzie: What are you talking about? Oh. Oh, eew.
Callie: No, no I get it, you're crying, you're depressed and I know we all deal in different ways, but this is not grieving, this is my legs being bent in ways my legs do not go. A-And I know, I know his dad died, and I get it, I feel horrible for him.
Izzie: [laughs] I can give you guys some privacy, I can go far far away...
Callie: [cuts her off, whispers] No no! No! No! You stay. You take over for me, okay?
Izzie: Callie Torres!
Callie: No! I don't- Not like that, I mean. I am giving him to you. You are now officially on George Watch 2007, OK, you are his friend. Yay! And I need a break. I need to heal. I need to heal.
Izzie: No! No! What am I supposed to do?
Callie: I need to heal. I need to heal. Please, I need to heal.
George: Callie?
Callie: [after she and Izzie both freeze at George's call] Thank you, goodbye. [flees]
Izzie: No, Callie!
George: [coming out from room, naked] What is taking you so- [Izzie stares at George and he realizes, and hides behind the door] Oh!
Izzie: [averts her eyes and stifling a smile] Er- s-she had to go. Are you hungry?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Money Crisis

Well a few days ago I was reminded to transfer money to my housemate for this term rent (13 weeks). Fearfully, I went to check the balance in my account. My greatest fear was confirmed when the total amount of money in my bank account was not even sufficient to cover my rent. WTH!!

Desperate time comes desperate measure. I decided to borrow some money from my housemate and just at that moment, an frightfully anticipated envelope was opened. Out it came was the electric and gas bill. WTH!!

After borrowing money from my housemate, I tried to squeezed every drop of money from my bank account for the rent and ended up with £1.36.WTH!!

DesperateR time comes more desperate measure. I emailed my mum for immediate financial aid. (OPPS!!) Instantly, my mum transferred money to help me out of my predicament. PHEW!!

Well to justify my sudden money crisis.
My rent is superbly expensive even without any bills. (Moving out once contract is finish)
I just bought my air ticket home. (Air ticket cost a bomb).
The rent payment is for April, May and June while my allowance only cover February, March and April.
With the expensive rent and utilities bills, the average monthly rent is around £800 while allowance is only £950 per month.
Haiz...Guess I have to go on a insanely tight budget OR start to print some cash.


Can somebody send me some motivation?
I am kind of running low on it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow


To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Fully describe what I am feeling..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Only Human by K

Lyrics (Romaji)

kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
hohoemi ga aru to iu yo

kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
hohoemi ga aru to iu yo
tadori tsuku sono saki ni wa
nani ga bokura wo matteru
nigeru tame ja naku
yume ou tame ni

tabi ni deta hazu sa
tooi natsu no ano hi
asita sae mieta nara
tame iki mo nai kedo
nakare ni sakarau fune no you ni
ima wa mae he susume

kuru shi mi no tsu ki ta basho ni
shiyawase ga matsu to u yo
boku wa ma da saka shi te i ru
kisetsu ha zu re no hi mawari
ko bu shi nigi ri shi me
asahi wo ma te ba
aka i tsume a to ni namida ki ra ri o chiru

kodoku ni mo na re ta na ra
tsukia ka ri tayo ri ni
hame na ki tsubasa de tobi ta to
mo-to mae he susume

amakumo ga kireta nara
mu re ta michi ka ga ya ku
nami da ke ga hoshi e te ku re ru
tsuyoi tsuyoi hikari
tsuyo ku mae he susume

English Translation

On the other shore of sadness,
It is said that there is a smile,

On the other shore of sadness,
It is said that there is a smile,
Finally we arrived.
But what are we waiting for?

The purpose is not to run away,
It's to chase after dreams
We should have gone out to travel
On that summer day so long ago

In a place worn down by sadness
something called a miracle, is waiting
Yet we are still searching
for the sunflower that grows at the end of spring

The warrior who awaits the morning light
before he can clasp it with red nails,
his tears glitter and fall

Even if we’ve grown used to loneliness
only relying on the light of the moon
We have to fly away with featherless wing
just go forward, just a little further

Even tomorrow, if you see it
Though there isn't a sigh either.
Like a ship going against the current flow.
Right now, go forward, move ahead.

Even if it cuts through the rain and clouds,
The wet roads shine,
Only the dark will teach,
A stronger and stronger light,
Be strong, go forward, move ahead.

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A very meaningful song from the drama series "1 litre of tears"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One litre of tears

Whenever I feel pessimistic about life, whenever I feel like I am the most unfortunate person in the world, whenever I feel like giving up, this is my source of energy, optimism and never-giving up.

She never did gave up on life and we are much more fortunate but yet giving up always pop up in our mind.



Ever feel lonely even in a crowd of people, noisily chatting around you?
And yet you feel so alone..
The noisy and happy chatter is just a background music, insignificant and has no effect on you.

Walking in a sea of people, surrounded by people who are rushing around for daily routine and yet the only thing you can feel is yourself alone.

Studying in a classroom full of chatter-box like students and yet the only thing you can feel is yourself alone.

Taking away from a restaurant filled with customers happily enjoying their meal and yet the only thing you can feel is yourself alone.

Shopping along the thronged Oxford Street nd yet the only thing you can feel is yourself alone.

Is being Alone bad or good?


I wish there is a medicine to cure SLOTH...
Maybe the best medication is just stay away from the bed..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It seems like yesterday when I last posted something on my so called "blog" and yet today a sudden urge, a nothing-to-do feeling brought me back to this familiar but yet alien place.

Last time I wrote on this blog, I was still living in intercollegiate hall, where food and all kind of bills is non of my business. Life was easy and yet it was tough as well. Now I am living in a house with 2 other housemates and need to cook and cook for all meals. It is tiring. It was like YESTERDAY.

I am pretty sure I dint do well in my Course C paper 1, actually I think I flunk it. But yet life continues and I have to be strong, to face the world. I just started my second semester of my second year. The first day, i was so enthusiastic and full with energy as I told myself "Aylwin you can do better this time." But this course is rather discouraging. No information posted yet? No course document to inform us on what we are about to study in this semester even though it is already the 3rd day of the new semester? And yet I still have to do my best. During exams, I reminded myself of how lucky I am. Quoting from my facebook status "Thinking of the less fortunate people, the older generation who didnt/dont have the chance to get good education and yet we do. So does it matters much if I need to skip birthday and CNY this year to study for exams? Nope. I will study hard for their sake (trying to self-motivate) as Education triumph over everything (Birthday and CNY)." I mean seriously we are lucky to be able to receive good education no matter where we are studying, we are lucky.

And hence TODAY
Live in the present. Appreciate all the moments you have with your love ones. Cherish all the little details, minor parts of your life that you have not even noticed, like how good bathing under hot shower, like the warmth of your duvet, and like the fact that you are breathing, converting oxygen into carbon dioxide are always taken for granted.

But still sometimes, optimism runs low while sorrow and grief take over. Tears start to drench the cheeks and out of nowhere, the loneliness creeps out and bury me alive. Is life worth living? (Dont worry. I am not going to end my life that easily)

And hence TOMORROW.
We always hope that tomorrow will be better. But will it? Tomorrow is always full with so many mystery and uncertainties, which makes it so scary. The future is like a black hole, with infinity within it which makes it so intimidating. But time and tides wait for noone. Cry if you need to but just remember, after the wiping off the tears, look clearer into your life. Is tomorrow really that frightening?

Wow my post is full of contradiction, lots of disagreements in my thoughts. But hey life is like that! Full of opposites! Whenever you feel sad, you must have felt happy before. Whenever you felt hungry, you must have been full and satisfied before. So why do we keep digging into all this negative moments and ignoring all the positive memories? Well we are human who likes to suffer. haha

Enough of crapping on this blog. Bye