Monday, March 14, 2011

Money Crisis

Well a few days ago I was reminded to transfer money to my housemate for this term rent (13 weeks). Fearfully, I went to check the balance in my account. My greatest fear was confirmed when the total amount of money in my bank account was not even sufficient to cover my rent. WTH!!

Desperate time comes desperate measure. I decided to borrow some money from my housemate and just at that moment, an frightfully anticipated envelope was opened. Out it came was the electric and gas bill. WTH!!

After borrowing money from my housemate, I tried to squeezed every drop of money from my bank account for the rent and ended up with £1.36.WTH!!

DesperateR time comes more desperate measure. I emailed my mum for immediate financial aid. (OPPS!!) Instantly, my mum transferred money to help me out of my predicament. PHEW!!

Well to justify my sudden money crisis.
My rent is superbly expensive even without any bills. (Moving out once contract is finish)
I just bought my air ticket home. (Air ticket cost a bomb).
The rent payment is for April, May and June while my allowance only cover February, March and April.
With the expensive rent and utilities bills, the average monthly rent is around £800 while allowance is only £950 per month.
Haiz...Guess I have to go on a insanely tight budget OR start to print some cash.


  1. i have to ikat perut too! =( hope april comes faster.

  2. ikat i cant even travel le..

  3. oh no!!! poor babe! dont get the loan from Along tau! Dangerous.